Friday, June 30, 2006


this is white hands in the darkness flashing, empty signals
a tongueless mouth at midnight,
mumbling words in a language that you do not know.


pupils dilated & together on the couch
skin meeting skin platonic like hot silk
touching, meeting still & silent god perhaps
i love you, soft tones nodding off, someday
we make it, i promise, and everything
will be wonderful, and they held each
other & kissed & pushed each others'
darkness into the corner, believing in each
others' light, each others' dream.


i will remember three things
only three things on the last day on earth:
being on a sailboat in summer & tacking hard left;
a smoke-filled bar with you, a good man, as good men go;
two in the morning in someone else's apartment,
high with nowhere else to go but downtown.
it's the last day on earth when we
walked away from another in the
pouring rain & i realized that losing
a friend hurts more than gaining a lover.


mind flowers bloom, lifeless petals
vibrant in the silent kingdom, unreal
the world around you changing faster than
the changeless


might one remember
something that couldn't be redeemed
on the far side of the world.
"let's go get the shit kicked out of us,"
she said, and everyone agreed.

what could be more wonderful than this?


I will kiss your neck slowly
and in a whsiper call you a whore
when we fuck
if you can still remember the little things,
meaning those which I cannot.


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