Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Founded in 1994, Placebo entered the British rock scene with a profoundly dissociated and astringent sound. Dubbed 'delirious rock' by some, Placebo's musical style is distinct, perhaps more so due to the immediately recognizable voice of vocalist Brian Molko. A combination of harshly melodic guitar riffs, multi-layered synthesizers, and slow-tempo pianos compose the majority of Placebo's oeuvre, occasionally rounded out with more unusual instruments such as the glass harmonica, the keytar, and the saxophone.
Influences would no doubt include bands such as Jesus and Mary Chain, the Pixies, and especially the thick, warmly androgynous sound of Irish shoegazer band My Bloody Valentine. This latter influence is perhaps mostly strongly felt on Placebo's fourth album, Sleeping with Ghosts.
Although Placebo has never achieved widespread popularity in the U.S., they have released a number of singles (the first being “Nancy Boy” from their eponymously-titled first album) as well as performing collaborations and duets with influential musical artists from David Bowie and Michael Stipes to Robert Smith and Timo Maas.
Placebo retains a critical following in Britain and Europe to this day.


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