Monday, August 28, 2006


“Aesop Rock introduced a raw, urgent, intelligent new sound designed to break the monotony of mainstream rap.” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Aesop’s voice is a rich, flat bass cut with a thin growl; through its resonance, he’s able to explore the variations within a timbre that gives access to a vast emotional range.” - SPIN

"The age of the hip-hop MC as soothsayer and scribe has probably reached its apex in the form of Aesop Rock, whose electric and mind-bending flow is surpassed only by the explosive imagery of his fables." – REMIX

“Bazooka Tooth’s rapid, stiletto-sharp style and grimy detail tagged Aesop as the intelligent, ethical savior of hip-hop, the hero who would right the bling-obsessed genre's moral compass…” – ROCKPILE

"Listening to Aesop Rock is like taking your brain on a futuristic urban hell-ride through pop culture. A brilliantly twisted journey into his psychotic abyss, 'Bazooka Tooth' mesmerizes with its astounding wordplay and constantly morphing beats, building on the underground hip-hop icon's burgeoning legend." - BOSTON HERALD

"Ace Rock is the shit. Always has been. Always will be. His baritone snarl is unmatched. He blasts hip-hop's semantic bar into the ozone with his unique knack for describing things in words you'd never dream of stringing together... He sounds more confident than ever." – FILTER

"'Bazooka Tooth's music is mainly his own, and his densely layered squiggles, samples and hardcore percussion are the aural equivalent of graffiti. Never mind that he's got a tongue like the subway's electrified rail and packs more sweet poetry into the album's empty spaces that the L train at rush hour." – PAPER MAGAZINE


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