Thursday, August 03, 2006


Jonathon flicked the lighter on and stuck it in the boy's mouth. He screamed weakly, breathily, extinguishing the flame. Jonathon frowned.
'Don't do that,' he said.
He went over to the sink and washed his hands off. The water blushed. He dried his hands, then lit a cigarette.
'This place is really a shithole,' he said. 'I'm sorry I couldn't get us any place nicer.'
They'd met outside a hotel. Jonathon was traveling on business like usual. It was nice to know that the same boy would be waiting near every airport. Jonathon liked unwinding after a stressful day filled with departure times and metal detectors. 'It's getting late.'
The boy's eyes stared dully at the ceiling. He was quiet.
'You should probably go.' Jonathon stepped over and cracked his neck. He leaned over and briefly kissed the boy's lips. 'See you tomorrow.'


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