Monday, July 17, 2006


A MAN and a WOMAN. They are sitting side by side on a bench. The WOMAN does not subliminally respond to the MAN's dialogue.

MAN: Do you love me?


MAN: Please tell me. Please tell me if you love me. I need to know. I desperately need to know. It's all I think about these days.


MAN: Please.


MAN: Do you remember when we met? In front of the theater? It was raining. You were sitting on a bench under the awning. Remember? The first time we met. I offered you the use of my umbrella. You smiled, turned me down. You told me you were waiting for your boyfriend. I said that I was waiting for mine. Neither one showed up. We went to a coffee shop instead.


MAN: Remember all those walks and car rides? The night we spent together on the floor at a mutual friend's. We didn't fuck that night. I just held you in the dark and we listened to the rain. It was raining that night, too.


MAN: Why don't you say anything?


MAN: Don't you love me? Please tell me that you love me. Please.


WOMAN: Do I know you?


euthydemos: Whoa.


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