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crappy, elements of Sartre's philosophy was flawed like elements of Daniel Defoe's novels were flawed. However, just like Daniel Defoe is considered one of the great-grandfather's of the novel (amongst other things), I consider Sartre to be one of the great-grandfathers of existentialism (I realize Sartre had precursors, I'm not saying he existed in an intellectual vacuum). Existentialism is to my mind a philosophy of reason and reason is an axiomatic process which continually evolves as new data is accrued.


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FYI, that's actually a Nazi poster pic, not soviet.

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Blogger crappy said...

We can be certain of existence, but less sure of essence. The problem facing Sartre and his confrères is that axiomatic reason forms only a small part of the reality they sought to explain. "Life doesn't exist inside language: too bad for me." -Kathy Acker

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